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Choose a plan that benefits and enhances your productivity from our wide range of plans that offers professional hosting at an affordable price.

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With our cloud hosting services your site remains isolated from any physical server issues including hacking, hardware failure, or system overload. When a physical server is compromised or experiencing an issue, you can simply utilize the physical resources of another server – all without having any downtime.

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Essential Hosting Features For You

These features come standard in all of our hosting plans. Dynamically extend imperatives through open-source quickly niche markets.

Custom Control Panel

On-Demand Self-Service - user can continuously monitor the server uptime, capabilities, and allotted network storage. With this feature, the user can also monitor the computing capabilities.

Real-Life Human Beings

Easy Maintenance - The servers are easily maintained and the downtime is very low and even in some cases, there is no downtime.

1-Click Installer

Large Network Access - The user can access the data of the cloud or upload the data to the cloud from anywhere just with the help of a device and an internet connection.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Automatic System - Automatically analyzes the data needed and supports a metering capability at some level of services. We can monitor, control, and report the usage.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Security - one of the best features of cloud computing. The data is stored within the storage devices, which cannot be hacked and utilized by any other person. The storage service is quick and reliable.

Award-Winning Support

Best user support - No question is too simple, or too complex for our team of experts. Get our ultimate support.

Web Application Hosting Ready to Use CMS

Build your website around your favourite app. Our 1-click installer makes it easy to integrate hundreds of the latest, advanced web applications.


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Get started right away with the most popular website platform.


Joomla Hosting

Get started right away with this flexible CMS for your website.


Megento Hosting

Start your web store today on our Magento web hosting platform.


OpenCart Hosting

Fully Optimize and perfect OpenCart hosting provider.


PrestaShop Hosting

Our best PrestaShop hosting platform yet.


Wordpress Hosting

Choose the easiest way to a reliable Drupal website.

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Our hosting services are affordable and easy to use. It’s good for small businesses or individuals who just need a website or two online. Hosting solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the industry. We provide flexible and affordable options for small business owners who want to start their own websites without investing in costly servers.

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server room

Effective Ways To Control And Organise Your System

Cloud technology is known for its high fault-tolerance quality and for achieving data redundancy by making few copies of the data on separate server nodes. In any uncertain circumstances when any software or hardware fails, the virtual server automatically starts to fulfill the resources required to keep the website working. Webmasters are also able to reboot the virtual server manually. This ‘redundancy feature of the cloud, also backs up your website’s data so that it can be made available whenever required.

Available Operating Systems With Maximum Speed

Our web hosting platform has been fully optimised to offer outstanding performance for your web applications, delivering speeds of up to16x faster.

Our Data centers Location

Dwebhost offers a wide range of worldwide network to assist our customers, enabling them to access our services in close proximity.

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Trusted By Clients and Industry Experts

Our outstanding services has been acknowledged by many of our customers across the globe. The appreciations motivate us to bring the best services to our customers today and in the near future.

About Us

Frequently Asked Queries

Web hosting is the service of storing data that keeps websites up and running for users. Every single website that is online has a host server, and almost all use a web host to manage that storage. But not all web hosts provide the same level of quality as us. Uptime, and data speed and quantity of transfer are the best measures of our success.

Our shared web hosting service is an agreement whereby each user gets a certain portion of total available resources. Multiple domains are hosted by the same server, which means that the server’s capabilities are split between multiple domains.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is accessed while viewing a website. Every time a user views a website, data is transferred, and the measurement of that transfer is bandwidth. In general, images, audio files and video files are higher in bandwidth than text.

Disk space refers to the total space available for a user to store files on at any time. Files may be any type – HTML, images, videos – and at any single given time, the total file size may not exceed the disk space. How much disk space you need is dependent on what type of media and interactions you’ll be hosting through your site.

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